Rug Pads

Enhance your rug experience with a quality pad. It prevents slipping, adds cushioning, and protects floors

  1. Why use a rug pad? A rug pad prevents slipping, provides cushioning, and protects both the rug and the floor.

  2. What size pad do I need? Choose a pad slightly smaller than your rug to keep it hidden and prevent tripping.

  3. Can I use a rug pad on hardwood floors? Yes, rug pads protect hardwood floors by preventing scratches and reducing friction.

  4. How do I clean a rug pad? Spot clean with a damp cloth or mild detergent. Avoid machine washing to maintain durability.

  5. Do rug pads work on carpeted floors? Absolutely! They enhance comfort and prevent rugs from bunching up on carpeted surfaces.

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