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"For nearly three decades, RenCollection has been a trusted provider of the finest Persian rugs in Dallas. We take pride in offering a diverse inventory, including antique, vintage, modern, and contemporary rugs. Our commitment extends beyond providing exceptional rugs; we also offer top-notch rug cleaning and restoration services to keep your treasured pieces in pristine condition."

Rug Services Overview:

"At RenCollection, we understand the importance of routine maintenance, cleaning, and occasional repairs for fine rugs. Our skilled craftsmen handle everything from simple repairs to extensive rug restoration. Explore our range of services:

Rug Appraisals:

Discover the true value of your antique or Persian rug with our detailed appraisal process.

Rug Cleaning:

Our deep cleaning process, including a safe and gentle hand-washing technique, ensures the removal of dirt, food, and even pet odors.

Rug Restoration:

Trust our skilled craftsmen to handle all repairs in-house, from patching to reweaving, and restoring your rug to its original beauty.

Rug Padding:

Extend the life of your rug with our quality rug pads, preventing slipping and curled edges.

Rug Protection:

Enhance the longevity of your rug with fiber seal or moth-proofing treatment, expertly applied by our highly-skilled team."

Packaging, Storing, & Shipping:

"Our experts, with years of experience in Persian rugs, offer professional packaging, storing, and shipping services. Your antique rug will be treated with the utmost respect and care it deserves."

Contact Information:
"For inquiries or to visit our showroom, located at 1007 Slocum Street, directly across from the Dallas Design Center, please call (214) 698-1000 or Contact Us."

Antique Rug Appraisals Section:
"How Much is My Antique Rug Worth?

Your mother's antique rug, a cherished family heirloom, deserves a trustworthy appraisal. Our experts, with a combined 90 years of experience, specialize in handmade Persian & Oriental rugs. Our professional appraisals cover various needs, from insurance to selling or determining the value of inherited property. The careful evaluation process includes factors such as country of origin, size, design, age, condition, damages, and more.

Should I get Insurance on my Antique Rug?

It's crucial to have your antique rug appraised by a knowledgeable expert like RenCollection. A written appraisal establishes the value of your rug for insurance purposes. For more information or to schedule an antique rug appraisal, call (214) 698-1000 or Contact Us."

"At RenCollection, we blend artistry with expertise to care for your Persian rugs. Trust us for unparalleled rug services that ensure the longevity and beauty of your cherished pieces. Your satisfaction is our priority."

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Rugs fill our lives with beauty. From the contemporary to the traditional, these works of art have a way of giving us a foundation that grounds us, soothes our souls, and warms our homes.