12x15 Modern Tribal Area Rug - 501449

Charming Pastels: Pink and Light Gray 12 x 15 Modern Tribal Area Rug - 501449 | A Barbie Dream in Delicate Hues

Step into a realm of enchantment with our Pink and Light Gray 12 x 15 Modern Tribal Area Rug - 501449, available exclusively at RenCollection Rugs in Dallas DFW TX. Meticulously crafted, this captivating rug embraces a delicate fusion of pink and light gray hues, evoking the essence of a Barbie dream with an artistic tribal twist.

Inspired by tribal design, this masterpiece not only brings contemporary finesse to your space but also captures Barbie's elegance and sophistication. Each intricate pattern carries a touch of modern tribal artistry that resonates with both the allure of the present and the timeless charm of Barbie's legacy.

Handknotted with meticulous care, this rug promises exceptional quality and endurance, much like the enduring allure of Barbie herself. Its dimensions of 12 x 15 feet make it a perfect choice to elevate larger areas, allowing you to create a luxurious domain reminiscent of Barbie's own glamorous lifestyle.

Experience the allure of modern tribal aesthetics as they seamlessly blend with the vibrant world of Barbie. Each thread weaves a tale of artistic expression and elegance, a perfect embodiment of the sophistication Barbie exudes in her every endeavor.

Shop now and bring home the Pink and Light Gray 12 x 15 Modern Tribal Area Rug - 501449, a masterpiece that turns your space into a canvas of artistic finesse and Barbie's exquisite taste. Redefine your home with the soothing charm of pastels, transforming it into a realm where the contemporary and the timeless unite.

Unveil a world of enchantment and style, where every step is a dance of elegance and every corner is an homage to the dreams of Barbie. Create a haven that embodies the spirit of both modern tribal allure and the elegance that Barbie has come to symbolize over generations.

Exact Size: 11'10 " x 15'2"
Color: Pink
Age: New
Materials: WoolBamboo Silk
Construction: Hand Knotted
Origin: India
Seal: 15137

SKU: 501449

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