8x10 Turkish Oushak Area Rug - 111106

Pink Handknotted 8x10 Turkish Oushak Area Rug - 111106 | Timeless Elegance for Barbie's Glamorous Hideaway

Step into a realm of timeless elegance with our Pink Handknotted 8x10 Turkish Oushak Area Rug - 111106, exclusively available at RenCollection Rugs. Meticulously handcrafted, this captivating rug features a delightful pink hue that exudes sophistication and charm, making it a perfect addition to any Barbie-inspired glamorous hideaway.

Inspired by the artistry of Turkish Oushak design, this masterpiece showcases intricate patterns and artistic finesse that evoke a sense of cultural heritage and vintage allure, fitting perfectly into Barbie's enchanting world.

The Turkish Oushak weave adds a touch of exquisite craftsmanship to this already captivating rug, creating an enchanting ambiance that complements Barbie's sophisticated taste and flair for unique decor.

Each knot in this handknotted rug reflects the dedication and craftsmanship of skilled artisans, ensuring exceptional quality and durability, making it not just a rug but a cherished heirloom that Barbie would treasure for years to come.

With dimensions of 8x10 feet, the Pink Turkish Oushak Area Rug effortlessly elevates larger spaces, just like the grand rooms in Barbie's luxurious mansion. Its captivating allure becomes the focal point that infuses a touch of elegance and artistic charm, transforming Barbie's hideaway into a stunning sanctuary.

Experience the allure of Turkish craftsmanship and elegance with this exquisite creation, perfectly suited for Barbie's glamorous lifestyle and chic preferences. Step into a world of vintage allure and modern sophistication, where every step mirrors the beauty of Turkish heritage, just like Barbie's stylish wanderlust.

Shop now and bring home the Pink Handknotted 8x10 Turkish Oushak Area Rug - 111106, a rug that captivates Barbie's heart with its timeless allure. Redefine your space with its artistic finesse, capturing the whimsical allure of Barbie's world.

Transform your home into a dazzling escape, where every corner is a reflection of Barbie's enchanting glamour and the elegance of Turkish Oushak craftsmanship, where timeless beauty and Barbie's vibrant personality unite in perfect harmony.

Exact Size: 7'10" x 10'5"
Color: Pink
Age: New
Materials: Wool
Construction: Hand Knotted
Origin: Turkey
Seal: 15873

SKU: 111106

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